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I have built several Robots that are in various states of construction, completion, and disrepair; Devices are things I've acquired that took some effort to get working right, and hopefully what I've written can save others that effort; Boards are some of the circuit boards I have designed for various purposes; Misc items are, well, miscellaneous.


Curl (2010)

LGR (2009)

Devilcat II (2008)

Nemo (2007)

Tiggerbot II (2007)

Logo (2006)

Crunch (2004)

Devilcat (2002)

Tiggerbot (2001)

Solar Panel

AVR 128x64 LCD

USB Laser Stripe Rangefinder

Joule Thief

AVR Datalogger Zero (2010)

AVR Servo Controller (2008)

IRTX (2006)

Solar Charger

Computer Graphics

EM Clustering Algorithm

Random Stuff

Machine Tools

Garden Project

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