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Random Stuff

Most Dangerous Slingshot



This is a project in its infancy that I only work on when I'm feeling like doing some gratuitous machining. The eventual idea is a compound action slingshot made from space-age materials. These are just some random photos that look cool.

WiFi Theft of Service


These days when I have a cellular data plan this just seems like far too much work.

The Old MythTV DVR


This was a champ, recording literally terabytes of television over its lifetime. Also, it looked damn cool. Eventually, for some reason, I had to replace it with a more traditional looking case.



One of my more villainous designs -- sort of top-heavy though.

Failed Picture Frame


I had an old 486 laptop from somewhere and decided to gut it and reassemble the parts between two pieces of lexan. Unfortunately I forgot how noisy the disk was, which proved to be a show-stopping bug for the intended purpose.

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