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Logo was a project to build a robot with more robust capability for driving over obstacles than any of my previous robots, possibly even including outdoor operation. Logo was named after the green turtle on which so many of us learned to program because of its turtle-like shape and green treads.


Logo was built mostly from 3/4" plywood. Logo was also the first robot project I worked on after buying a vertical mill and lathe so it had several machined aluminum fittings too. The treads and associated wheels were from a Vex robotics set and were driven by Pittman servo motors.


Logo was powered by a 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid battery. Its main computer was a VIA Nano-ITX machine running Linux.


Logo's treads did not perform well. They were noisy on hard surfaces and slid easily on soft surfaces, which sort of defeated the whole purpose. Logo was scrapped for parts.

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