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Tiggerbot II



Tiggerbot II was a revist of my first robot. It was also my entry into the Instructables Contest for a CNC laser cutter. As such, it was designed to be easy to build, and fittingly, all the structural parts were designed to be cut with such a CNC laser.


This was a really early prototype, before I decided to enter it into the contest. It's made out of ABS (which is *much* nicer to work with, though toxic while laser cut and thus hard to find) and was driven by Maxon (*hot*) servo motors. It's shown here with some random batteries and board I had around just to see it move.



Tiggerbot II was designed using QCad


This is what the parts for a frame look like after the backing is peeled off. They're sitting on top of a 1:1 print of the CAD file they were built from. I had these made at Canal Plastics which is a really quick way to get prototypes done if you live in NYC.


This is the tread set I used -- very similar to the parts in the bulldozer kit Tiggerbot (I) was made out of.


This is what it looks like when assembled.


Tiggerbot II had a very neat suspension.


Tiggerbot II was powered by an 8xAA NiMH battery pack of the same sort common among cheap RC cars. All its electronics on once circuit board. This included its AVR brain, a five-way ultrasonic sonar set, and a 5v switching power supply to power all the electronics and servos.


Design autorouted in Eagle Cad.


Blank circuit boards, fresh from the PRC. Known to contain lead.


Completed circuit board installed on robot.


Tiggerbot II was one of many second place "winners" in the contest, which is to say, it lost. Since it was designed to be cheap and easy to build (i.e. no machined parts, one pcb with no surface mount soldering, no expensive components) there was really no point in continuing development on it just for myself. All the CAD designs and existing components were boxed and forgotten.

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